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- Introducing Oleo! -

Oleo Coconut Mix 6 pack: $19.99

We are proud to announce that we will now be carrying Oleo Products! 

Oleo is a CBD supplement that can be dissolved in cold water. Using its advanced Micro-Encapsulating technology, Oleo CBD™  is able to be absorbed into the body up to two times faster than comparing CBD products. This allows you to take advantage of this product after a long workout as it also contains beneficial electrolytes, vitamins and minerals to help boost your recovery. Come in and check out Oleo today. 

Each Box contains Six Packets of the Oleo Coconut mix, each packet containing 25mg of Oleo  CBD™ 


- MedTerra -

- CannaBees -

Rescue Blend : $49.95

Honey from Bee-Delightful's rescued bees is mixed with the finest wildflower nectar. They carefully infuse naturally occurring Cannabidiol, or CBD, into their special Rescue Blend™. All CBD comes straight from the cannabis flower. None of the ingredients are taken from the stem or seeds for the highest quality product.

- All Bee-Delightful products are treatment free. 

- Made in the USA

 What are the benefits of RAW Honey?

- Good Source of Antioxidants
- Antibacterial and Antifungal
- Anti-inflammatory
- Digestive Aid
- Sore Throat remedy